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Is Relight America™ right for you and your business?
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Profits – this is what allows a business to thrive. In your business, there may be numerous ways to build profits.

What if there were a simple path to achieve growth? In both in sales and profits? What if this path provided virtually any business a way to dramatically increase their chance for significant growth – growth that can be managed and sustained with the least effort and risk?

The Relight America™ business growth and productivity system has been specifically designed to help all small-to-medium size businesses achieve this realization – providing a path that is easy to understand and easy to follow, along with the strategies and techniques to increase sales while simultaneously cutting costs.

We invite all business owners, who find this proposition for more profit compelling, to join us.

More About Relight America™

Relight America™ is a private sector initiative to jump-start the nation’s economy. It brings together 35 of America’s top business strategy, marketing, productivity, and finance experts along with several dozen major providers of business products and services into a partnering relationship to produce an enduring solution to our current economic challenges.

This initiative is about business…. and… “getting down to business” – is Job #1.

Relight America™ is about looking at what turns each profitable business action into a rock solid, blockbuster for financial success. Then, using this knowledge, make available a simple-to-understand, easy-to-follow, step-by-step system that virtually any business owner can follow to significantly increase their profits.

That’s why we sought out 35 of the best business minds in world and have brought them together. The answers to business profitability are known; they just need to be made available.

The problem we were seeking to solve: Most business owners are so busy running their business they don’t have time to go out, research all the available profitable strategies, tactics and techniques, and figure out how to implement them into their business.

We knew this knowledge – the strategies, tactics and techniques – needs to be more readily available in a simple to use system. That’s why we put together this brand new, cutting-edge training system and have made it so easy to use.

We believe that each business and household deserves to be successful! We call for every business to be profitable… earned one satisfied customer at a time!

“Success – the progressive attainment of a worthwhile goal”
– Earl Nightingale

Origins of Relight America™

Relight America™ began in earnest in 2009 through the synthesis of the efforts and experiences of Gordon Bizar. Gordon invited Joseph Warmann to take up the concepts, with Joseph adding his methodical approach to clarity of purpose. Though the concept of a collaborative business and productivity system has long been a dream, the ability to effectively deliver it to businesses throughout America has only become possible through the innovation and build-out of the Internet.

In early, 2010 the shape of Relight America™ was set! It could be delivered by Citrix® in the form of a Webinar, with traffic and cash flows followed by Infusionsoft, web presence managed by WSI-Leading Web Solutions, content provided by a host of experienced Experts, and supported by Sponsors seeking renewed business growth. This initiative is a collaboration of knowledgeable people – intent on healing wounds and dispelling myths, identifying clear and proven ways to succeed and, in a matter of weeks, provide the necessary pathway for entrepreneurs to achieve lasting success.

Later in the Fall of 2009, Dezi Koster joined Relight America™ as a Founder and the initiative began to progressively grow. Today, it is filled with caring people from all walks of like who have studied and learned first hand (the hard way – through personal experience) how businesses fail and thrive.

Now, as we look ahead to the prospect that every business has the choice to either survive or thrive… we hope you will join us, and choose to thrive!

It’s About All of Us… You… We… Everyone!

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