Webinar Series

This Revolutionary Webinar Series Gets Results!

Our focus over a period of 50 business days is on helping each participating business create immediate, dramatic improvement in the 3 key areas of sales, costs and funding.

Our Commitment to You

Here is how you can expect to benefit over the next three months. Our commitment to you is that by fully participating in each week’s webinar session and using the execution tools we provide:

1. Your sales will increase by at least 20%

2. Your costs will be slashed by at least 10%, and

3. You will have access to funding you need to accommodate your growth

These are our minimum commitments to you. Many participating companies will do better, some much better.

Your first question might rightfully be, “How can we make such a claim?” Well, not only can we make such a claim, but so that there will be no question in your mind that you have achieved them; we will equip you with the tools to actually measure and document these results.

How Results-Connected-Training Works

Then, each week, you and your designated personnel will invest about an hour and a half online with one of America’s top business experts who will be training you and your staff to accomplish some portion of our mutual commitment to each other.

You will not only be given the step-by-step knowledge to accomplish each objective, but you will also receive access to a set of special, proprietary tools that assure your follow-through efforts succeed. With them, you will easily see where more work is needed and what work is complete. These tools provide a simple, yet effective, disciplined approach to leveraging your time and the involvement of your staff.

This Revolutionary Webinar Series Gets Results

Each week there is one topic. After each webinar description below, you’ll find a link to the bio of the expert conducting that session. These people are the top practitioners not preachers –- it’s all about execution.

Weekly Sessions

Here is a brief description of each week’s webinar and the results you can expect to achieve.

Slash Your Accounts Receivable: Here are the strategies & methods to collect more of your receivables… and collect them faster, providing more cash flow to more effectively manage, operate & expand your business. We put this session early in the series because it can create immediate cash available to your business to cover any costs of implementing some of the other solutions which we will be introducing over the course of series. This session comes complete with the knowledge and executions steps that you will use to free up 10’s of thousands of dollars that are currently tied up in slow paying or non-paying accounts. – Expert: Wilson Cole

The Secret to Financing any Entrepreneurial Business, No Matter the Circumstances: You will learn a closely guarded secret strategy that you can use right now to quickly raise all the growth capital you need despite the financial crisis, despite the lagging economy, no matter the financial condition of your business, regardless of your credit history. So while our other experts help you open the flood gates to increase sales and profits, using this exclusive know-how, you’ll have all the cash you need to grow. Every task you need to complete, every action step you need to take, every ounce of knowledge you need to fully execute this strategy is built into your Dashboard/Control Panel. This session is literally money in your bank account! –
Expert: Bruce Blechman

The 7 Tragic Mistakes of Business and How To Avoid Them: Just like the 7 deadly sins, there are 7 deadly mistakes most business owners tend to commit, any one of which can kill your company. In this session you will not only learn what they are but you will learn some of the secrets for avoiding them. Within an hour and a half you will fully understand each mistake. You will identify with the ones you have made and possibly are continuing to make. And, you will learn the simple methods and techniques that can eliminate them as a barrier to your success. You will then identify a key mistake that continues to inhibit your progress and use our Dashboard/Control Panel to help you execute the solution. – Expert: Paul Lemberg

Tapping Social Media for Mega Clientele Building: If you’re going to be a thriving business in the 21st Century, you will need to master this concept. No matter what you sell, your customers can be found in abundance surfing the waves of the Social Media ocean. In this session you will learn how to quickly, inexpensively and effectively use these mediums not only to create awareness of your business, but to actually turn strangers into raving fans for your company and your product or service offerings. Your Dashboard/Control Panel will lead you through each step of the maze and deliver you and your company through setting up your social media accounts and executing a customer enhancement campaign. – Expert: Clayton Morris

Lead Your Industry in Today’s Digital Marketplace: Today’s most successful companies are masters of digital marketing. How about you? Where does your company rank in its ability to drive business in the surging electronic marketplace? Unless you’re already #1 or #2 in your field, you’re going to want to learn from our expert the 4 keys that he has used to bring his clients to the top digital marketing ranks in their respective industries. During his session you will learn how people consume media today and what drives people to take action. You will learn chapter and verse how to leverage the 4 keys to unleash a virtual tsunami in new sales, slash you marketing costs, not to mention retain and engage with your existing clients more effectively. Your Dashboard/Control Panel makes delegation and execution both easy and certain. And you’re going to love the resulting cash profits in your bank account. – Expert: Doug Schust

Double Your Sales through Automation: If you’re going to grow your company…If you really want to double or triple the sales and profit of your company… you not only have to be well organized, you have to be digitally automated. Gone are the days of a shoe box full of receipts bundled up and taken to your accountant at tax time. Enter the days of a fully integrated customer relationship management system, online shopping cart and accounting system that fully organizes your company into a streamlined sales and service machine. In this session you will learn how to quickly and easily multiply your growing power. If you thought this type of automation was beyond your reach because of cost or complexity. Think again. Be there and be amazed. – Expert: Colin Daymude

How Your Company Can Get More Done Faster and Sell a Hell-of-a-Lot More! This is your chance to discover what the world’s most successful companies are doing and how you can reap the same rewards and establish maximum competitive advantage. You will learn how to make exhausted teams and disappointed customers a thing of the past. Using your Dashboard/Control Panel for easy execution, you and your staff will consistently complete projects faster and easier than you ever thought possible literally cutting your time down by half. You will deliver your products and services to your customers with less chaos and more team satisfaction while being able to sell more of your product or service without hiring additional employees or buying any more equipment. What you and your staff will accomplish is to become so cost-effective that you will be able to create selling propositions that your customers simply can’t refuse and with which your competitors can’t compete! – Expert: Dr. Lisa Lang

Delegation on Steroids: The bane of the entrepreneur is delegation… getting other people to do it for you. Let’s face it, you’re the best at everything. You rightfully believe you will never get anyone to do it as well as you do. And so there you are, the number one bottleneck in your company. You’ve become your own biggest obstacle to your company’s growth. If you’re going to thrive then leveraging yourself through the efforts of others is your key to rapid quality growth. If this makes sense to you, then “Delegation on Steroids” is a can’t miss session for you. You and your staff will learn just what to do and how to do it. – Expert: Melanie Benson Strick

How to Get Your Prospect’s Attention and Have Them Beg You to Take Their Money: Working too many hours? Finding it hard to increase your profits? Learn how to increase your sales with less effort. Learn the proven process to compel your prospects to stop what they are doing, listen to your marketing or sales message, and buy your product or service. – Expert: John Assaraf

Financial Planning for Maximum Profit and Minimum Taxes: Do you have a 21st Century financial plan for your business? Do you know how to legally minimize or eliminate your tax liability? What if you could invest the dollars you think you have to pay in taxes back into growing your company? Most small to midsized businesses consistently overpay their taxes and operate without knowing their critical financial number. In this session you will learn crucial tax saving and elimination strategies to protect your hard earned money. You will also learn strategies needed to exponentially grow your business through knowing your contribution margin and how to apply it to key growth decisions. – Expert: Holly DeVito

Profiting from Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances: Here you will learn how to leverage the capital, know-how and contact databases of other businesses to rapidly increase sales of your existing product or service line and even round out your product and service offerings to your existing clientele. Within a month following this session, you will have used your Dashboard/Control panel to actually identify an ideal partnering company and create a joint venture relationship that generates significant profitable sales revenues. And… you will have done it without tying up your own capital. – Expert: Spike Humer

Extreme Financial Leverage – Doubling Your Sales and Profits in Months Instead of Years! The ultimate strategy in business is to buyout your competition and totally dominate your market space. But you can’t do that because you don’t have the capital, right? Well in just under two hours, you’re going to learn exactly how, without capital of your own, you can use the assets and the cash flow of the company you want to acquire to fully finance its purchase. You will learn chapter and verse exactly how to do it; and you already have an edge. In the next 5 years almost 2 million baby boomer business owners will be putting their companies up for sale. And the stats tell us that the vast majority of them will end up being liquidated for lack of a qualified buyer. With this exclusive know-how, you will not only have your pick but you’ll be able to repeat the process over and over and over again for as long as you want to grow. – Expert: Gordon Bizar

Goals for the Webinar Series …Delivered to Your Door

#1 – Transform your business into an unstoppable profit machine
#2 – Transform your company into a pillar of sustainable national prosperity
#3 – Position your company with the option to take over the assets of less effective competition

A Final Note from the Founder – Gordon Bizar

My forty years in financial management as an entrepreneur, author, trainer, coach and mentor gives me the confidence to say that the practicality of the Relight America™ system will prove itself to you immediately.

•You’ll save time as the planning & organizing are done for you
•You’ll save money with world-class techniques
•You’ll be in control every step of the way with our revolutionary Dashboard/Control Panel
•You’ll absorb information easily & quickly from sessions by world class communicators
•You’ll be successfully applying the secrets of the old masters using today’s tools
•You’ll have a value set that your employees, suppliers & customers can depend on and in turn
•You will be able to depend on them for a heightened payday
•Trust, loyalty, and commitment will be reinvigorated along with your growth curve

Relight America™ is a training bonanza but we planted the bottom-line firmly in results not just knowledge. Bring your key employees to the webinars too. Your liberation will arrive even quicker and your profits soar even higher.

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