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Welcome to the Relight America Affiliate Program!

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We are grateful and honored to have you as one of our esteemed affiliates.

The most effective and efficient driver to any economy is small business.  Relight America is here to give small business owners the tools they need now, in this new era of business, to quickly increase revenues, cut expenses and grow through acquisition of their less efficient competitors; in other words – to grow bottom line profits and increase the size of their business decisively over a short period of time.

 You will benefit as an affiliate for Relight America in two key ways:

  1. You will be actively a part of the solution for returning not only America’s economy but the world’s economy to a state of healthy growth by connecting small business CEO’s to this essential information. 
  2. You will be afforded the opportunity to add to your company’s passive revenue streams both short term during our webinar series and ongoing via the comprehensive and engaging lead follow-up systems that the team at Relight America has created.

Being an affiliate is easy, even if you have never done an affiliate promotion before. 

The most effective way to promote is through a direct response email campaign.  You will send 4 pre-written email that we provide to you to your subscriber list. 

Mailing dates are as follows:  September 28th, October 5th, and October 12th.   If you are reading this message after September 23rd but before October 19th, it is not too late for you to participate.  You will simply send the next email on the schedule to completion of the series. 

If you do not have an email direct subscriber list, you may choose to promote via blog post featuring the Relight America system as an effective solution for many of the challenges currently facing small business owners today. 

An alternate way to promote is via a banner placed on your blog or website.  This is a more passive promotion than the email but can still be effective especially when combined with an email campaign or blog post(s). 

If you feel that you would like additional input on the best way for you to capitalize on this unique opportunity, we are just an email away.