Your Choice – Darkness or Light

A year and half has passed since we peered into the financial abyss. Many of us stepped back from the precipice and stand yet frozen in place surrounded by darkness and uncertainty. Many a business leader dare not take a step for fear of plunging into a bottomless pit. Some ask, are we safe yet? Is there more bad news to come? Or, is it time to inch in a direction we hope reveals solid ground?

During a time of little if any encouraging economic or business news, you might argue that it’s only prudent to be cautious. I could not disagree more. I believe this is the time to be bold, to be innovative indeed to be American.

We are nothing less than the heirs of ancestors who boarded sorry excuses for ships, sailed uncharted seas, braved real storms and imaginary serpents to land on unknowable shores. They escaped the darkness of old world oppression and scarcity to forge a great nation of unprecedented abundance and freedom. We can stand frozen where we are, blind and fearful in darkness. Or, we can honor our heritage and Relight America™.

I choose Relight America™. I choose to shine a light of knowledge and innovation so bright that it dazzles us to action. I choose a new path of collaboration that unlocks the highest levels of capabilities aching to explode from within each of us who still carries our ancestral courage. I invite you to join with me in the launch of a new era of inclusion and cooperation that is nothing less than the rebirth of the pioneering spirit that manifested our forbearers’ greatest achievements. Together we can Relight our economy, our businesses and our personal lives. Together, we can emerge from the darkness stronger, better souls unalterably confident of our future. We can leave a legacy to our children and grandchildren of exceptional personal productivity, unburdened by debt…national or personal, with unparalleled personal freedom and choice. We can leave a legacy where a person’s limits are determined only by the content of their character, their adherence to shared and harmonized values and their native abilities coupled with their desire to contribute.

Welcome to Join with me now. Reside here for awhile and come back often as week-by-week we add scope and dimension. View our overview video. See what we stand for. Think through our plan and methods. See where you fit in. See how you contribute and how you benefit. Leave your checkbook and your credit card in their place. You won’t need them now. Some of the best and the brightest among us, some of the top experts our country has produced are contributing their time and resources to help make this work for you, your business and your family. They will be sharing with you the know-how you need to explode your company’s sales, slash your company’s overhead, and fully finance your company’s growth. You will be immersed in a process that makes your employees more productive, better paid and more financially secure all while making your company more profitable for its owners and investors. You will experience a coming together, a reforming of community through some amazing technology where people once again get to know each other, care for each other, help each other and indeed deserve each other.

To Relight America™ appears a mammoth undertaking, too big to succeed. And, it would be if we were less than who we are. The pathway is about to be lit. Step into the light. Grab a candle, a torch, a spot or floodlight. Return to often for new business building tools that turn your company into an engine of prosperity. Leave your proud footprint in the sands of time where you light the lives of your customers, suppliers, employees, and investors into a new era of unprecedented growth and wealth creation.