Our Business Model

Relight America™ develops its revenue after providing business owners and operators measurable results in three key areas: increasing their revenue, decreasing their costs and getting funding to survive or grow.

This is accomplished through a series of webinars that provide the valuable executable know-how capable of enabling each participating business to accomplish some portion of our minimum commitment to them:

In the next 50 business days…

• Increase your sales by a minimum of 20%

• Decrease your costs by a minimum of 10%

• Get the funding you need to survive or grow

Each week a different expert covers a specific topic providing the information to enable the participating business to achieve some portion of our minimum commitment. Relight America™ then provides the business with our online Dashboard execution tool to implement what they have learned. Each webinar topic with its Dashboard is complete in that it is sufficient for the company to achieve the result without any purchase from Relight America™.

Our marketing rationale:

Most businesses will want to expand these results beyond our minimum commitment. Each expert offers advanced programs, products or services that can assist participating businesses to achieve their higher objectives. Relight America™ encourages its experts to provide their advanced offerings to participating businesses at a substantial discount from the price they offer to the public.

The model is win-win-win:

Participating businesses win with an upfront demonstration of achieved results, which in most cases, produces in advance many times the cash needed for any participant’s purchase . Experts win with an effective method to market their advance products and services to an appreciative audience. Relight America™ wins with a share of the revenue from the sale of advanced products and services.

There is actually a fourth win. Participating businesses get a verifiable substantial discount on each purchase of an advanced product or service made possible by Relight America’s™ efficient market model. There is arguably a fifth win. As more and more companies participate in Relight America™, the cumulative success begins to snowball, producing a revitalized economy for our mutual benefit.

We get paid from the cash flow we help generate:

With our minimum commitment, all participating businesses can look forward to paying for advanced products or services from a small portion of the cash flow actually generated through their participation in Relight America™.