Our Vision, Mission & Values

Business Management: A Required Course on Core Values

Any building requires standards. Any successful business should have them too. Ours are a set of shared values.

For those who enter Relight America™, be prepared to embrace a new set of basic guidelines that direct the way you do your business and to promote them as the way others do their business with you.

These values couldn’t be simpler or more liberating; leveling the playing field and the heart rate.

We hope you’ll join us in embracing these values and setting them as standards in your business, and with those whom you transact business with.

Truthfulness – Honesty and integrity with everyone inside and outside of your company is the bedrock that anchors sustained growth. If something comes up short, admit it and let others know your plan to fix it. In fact, ask for their help. Nothing propels sales faster or further than when customers trust you. Nothing creates internal effectiveness greater than when your employees trust you. Nothing floods the corporate treasury fuller than when investors and lenders trust you.

Fair Dealing – Treat everyone as your valued neighbor and your ally. Expect to do business with a customer more than once. See everyone as a potential customer; doing otherwise simply reduces your market. Act like you expect to enjoy doing business with her and him for a lifetime…. and you will. And, probably their friends and children too!

Openness and Accessibility – Open your doors to new ideas and walk freely down paths to growth. Nothing breeds fear and mistrust faster than a closed door. Nothing destroys an organization faster or more surely than fear and mistrust. By all means, keep your trade secrets and guard your competitive edge. But welcome questions at every level of your organization. Be forthcoming with answers and solutions.

Mutual Respect – People rise to the level of your expectations of them and reach the heights inherent in how you treat them. Kindergarten Lesson – Do not hurt people on the outside or the inside. Hierarchy may be an indispensable part of business structure and discipline, but each person, no matter their level in an organization, is most productive where their human dignity is recognized, valued and honored.

Collaboration – Human productivity is highest when we act in concert with others. Whether it’s masterminding a solution or physically cooperating for a common goal, none of us is as strong as all of us. From break room to boardroom, conversations worth a million dollars stem from a common sense idea. Fertilize every area, let ideas grow anywhere, and celebrate harvest often.

Business Management Path:
Mission —> Vision —> Strategy —> Tactics —> Assessment

Our Mission

Our purpose is to unite the private sector around a collaborative solution to the failures of our free enterprise system. We seek to evolve capitalism to a higher level of consciousness that transcends the extremes of personal greed and its antithesis – structural welfare.

We seek to create a business and social environment where the “Productive” are free from the ravages of “Predators” and “Parasites”. If these terms make you uncomfortable, they make us uncomfortable too. But if we are to defeat them, we must know what they are. Predatory business practices driven by greed are the bane of free enterprise. Parasitic social programs based on something for nothing are the bane of the soul.

In the environment we seek to create, predatory business practices will be identified, highlighted, and driven from the marketplace. We seek an end to the something for nothing entitlement programs by replacing them with opportunity, training and personal empowerment that render welfare as we know it unnecessary.

Our Vision

Our vision shows a strategy for unbounded abundance produced within a community of enlightened business drivers who come to know each other, respect each other, and are supportive of each other. A vision where predatory businesses are identified, reeducated, or left behind. A vision where employees are empowered to excel and all reap rewards consistent with their productivity and contribution to each other. A vision where governmental and institutional limitations on personal freedom and individual ingenuity are relegated to the scrap heap of history, no longer needed in a communication and information powered community that continually refines, refreshes and regenerates itself. Our vision is nothing less than a new business paradigm, which returns prosperity to the producers.

Tactics And Assessment

The continual development, visualization, and monitoring lifetime, annual, monthly, weekly, and daily goals while being tightly coupled with an unwavering desire to realize those goals, while enjoying others’ successes. Smile more. Welcome others always.

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